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About Dr. Dara Marie

Music has always been an important part of Dara Marie’s life. As a young child she went to a school concert and heard the flute for the first time. She was left with a feeling she would never forget. She knew from that point on that music would be a key part of her life.  She has been playing the flute for over 30 years.


She attended Hofstra University, and received a Bachelor of Science in Music Education.  She studied with renowned flutists, Patricia Spencer and Jan Vinci.  Currently, Dara Marie holds two Master’s Degrees, in Elementary Education and Educational Administration.  She recently received an Honorary Doctorate from Global Oved Dei Seminary and University.


In 2006, Dara Marie founded the Dara Marie Trio. The group comprises of Dara Marie, Patricia Chen (pianist), and William Johnson, Jr. (drummer). They play all genres of music. They have performed at various venues throughout NYC. Their most recent performance was at Stage 72 in NYC.


In 2014, Dara Marie Productions, LLC was formed. This is a various group of musicians that will play for different events on an as needed basis.


Dara Marie has been featured on several online radio stations, such as BKS1 Radio with Storm Norm and platinum selling R&B group Allure.  She has also been featured in the magazine GEI- Connecticut. At the present time, Dara Marie is in the studio working on her EP, titled Dara Marie.  Currently, Dara Marie is managed by Dr. Victor Seltzer of LS Management. 


Dara Marie performed for Celebrity Chef Jahfrey Juvon Hutto for his Food For Thought Gala: Kidney Failure Awareness, as well as Ocktoberfest 2014 one of the entertainment industry’s largest events of the season, to name a few.


In addition to music, Dara Marie is an avid reader and writer. Her first book, A Walk With God: Living the Overcoming and Limitless Life is set to release for December 2014. Dara believes people should walk in their God- given purpose and destiny. 

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